Factory Reset Tenda Router

How to Factory Reset Tenda Wireless Router w150m w300a w268r w311r w316r 3g150b w309r w308r n60 n3 n600 pw201a w150d Models

Factory Reset Tenda Router Password

  1. Locate the WPS/RESET Button on your router. This will vary depends on your model.
    Tenda_WPS/RESET Button
  2. Press and hold the WPS/Reset button for 10 seconds.
  3. Release¬† the button once the LED’s stooped blinking.

Reset Tenda WiFi password

To change WiFi SSID and Password, Login to the Router through Web browser.

Default URL =

    1. On the home screen Click on Advance button.
    2. Now Click on Wireless -> Wireless Basic Settings and configure the basing settings like Primary SSID etc as shown below.basic settings
    3. Now go to Wireless security and set the security key as shown below.
       Reset Tenda WiFi password
    4. Save the settings and reboot the router.


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