MailWatch Default Password

Default User Name and Password of MailWatch Web User Interface

MailWatch Default Password

There is no default user name and password for MailWatch web interface.
The Admin user name and password are created during the installation.

IF you didn’t create it during the installation, you can follow the below procedure to create now.

How to Create a MailWatch web user

Login to your MYSql database through shell or PHPMyAdmin

Creating Through Shell

#mysql mailscanner -u mailwatch -p
#Enter password: ******
Now run the following Command on sql shell or PHPMyAdmin to create new user with Admin Rights (Replace Username and Password)
mysql> INSERT INTO users SET username = ‘<username>’, password = MD5(‘<password>’), fullname = ‘<name>’, type = ‘A’


mysql> INSERT INTO users SET username = ‘admin‘, password = MD5(‘see3d32‘), fullname = ‘Administrator‘, type = ‘A

If the above not working, then try

mysql> INSERT INTO users VALUES (‘admin’,md5(‘see3d32’),’name’,’A’,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′,’0′);

Through PHPMyAdmin