How to Factory Reset Netgear Routers and Wireless Modems

Factory Reset Netgear

If you forget the login password or if you want to restore the default configuration of the Netgear modem, you can simply do the factory reset.

  1. Find the restore factory settings (or) Reset button on the rear side of your Netgear router.
  2. Now press and hold the restore factory settings button for about 5 to 10 seconds using a sharp edge object, until the Power light begins to blink.
  3. Now Release the restore factory settings button, and wait for the router to restart, and for the Power light to stop blinking and become solid green.

Now the factory default settings will be restored to your modem

Default user name : admin
Default password :  password
Default IP address : or


How to Factory Reset Netgear Routers

How to Factory Reset Netgear Wireless Modems


Supported Models:

Netgear ac1900 av500 ac1450 770s 762s n600 n300 b90 dgn1000 cg3000d c3700 c3000 cg3000 cg3100 cgd24g dg834g dgn1000 dgn2000 dg834g dg834gt dg834 wn3000rp ex6100 wn2000rpt ex6200 wn2500rp wn1000rp wgr614 fvs318 fsm726 fvs318 fvs318g gs724t gs108t gs748t gs105 gs116 gs108 gs724t gs108t gs608 g54 wgr614v9 wgr614 wndr3400 wnr2000 wn3000rp jwnr2000 jnr1010 jgs524 jwnr2000v2 jfs524 jgs516 jgs524e jwnr2010 jfs516 jgs524e kwgr614 wgr614v9 mr814v2 me102 n150 n750 wndr3800 r7000 r6300 7550 utm25 utm10 vvg2000 vmdg280 vvg2000 vegn2610 vvg2000 vmdg280 wndr3700 wgr614 wnr2000 wnr1000 xet1001 xe102 xwn5001 102 108t 2500rp 3700 wndr4500 r7000 834g dgn1000

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