How to reset Kerio Connect admin account password

How to reset Kerio Connect Firewall Mail Server admin account password

Reset Kerio Control Windows version User

  1. Stop Kerio Control Engine
  2. Go to the installation path for Kerio Control. Default path is “C:Program FilesKerioWinRoute Firewall”
  3. Edit the file userDB.cfg
  4. Look for the name of the administrator user account in Local users list <variable name=”Name”>admin</variable>
  5. And look for <variable name=”password”>D3S:1sdfgsedsfsd89</variable>
  6. Chang this to NUL as shown below for blank password
    <variable name=”password”>NUL:</variable>
  7. Save the userDB.cfg file and restart the Kerio Control engine.
  8. Now Log-in to the administration using an empty password.

Reset Admin Password or Linux Version

  1. Stop the Kerio Connect Engine by running the following command
    #/etc/init.dl/kerio-connect stop
  2. Go to the Kerio Connect installation path. The default path is /opt/kerio/mailserver.
  3. Edit the users.cfg file as shown above and save it.
  4. Restart Kerio Connect engine.
  5. Now Log-in to the administration using an empty password.

How to reset root password

Boot the virtual appliance in Single user mode and use the following command to change root password.

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