How to Reset Joomla Admin Password

If you forget the Joomla 2.5 or 3 Admin password, you can reset it in MySql Database by using PhpMyAdmin or command line.
This procedure can be used in Godaddy CPanel hosting also.

Reset Joomla Admin Password in PhpMyAdmin

  1. Login to your PhpMyAdmin(From CPanel or from your WebServer),
  2. In the PhpMyAdmin tool, Select your Joomla Database.
  3. There you can find all the table names prefixed with some letters (hl2rx_).
  4. In that Select the xxxxx_users table.
  5. Click browse, this will show all the user names.
  6. Now in the Super Administrator or Super User click on “pencil button”  to edit the value.
  7. Now in the password field Select MD5 function form the downtown and enter your new_password in the value field as shown below.
  8.  Now click Go button to Save the changes.

Reset Joomla Admin Password in PhpMyAdmin

Reset Joomla Admin Command Line

  1. Login to your MySql Database.
    # mysql -u root -p
  2. Select the Joomla Database
    mysql> USE joomla_db;
  3. Run the following command to change the password.
    mysql> UPDATE `xxxx_users` SET `password` = MD5( ‘new_password’ ) WHERE `xxxx_users`.`username` = “administrator” ;
  4. Replace the xxxx_users with the exact table name, administrator with the correct admin user and new_password with your preferred password.

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