Gigamon Default Password

Gigamon Network Visibility and Monitoring Device Gigamon GigaVUE , GigaVUE-HC2, GigaVUE-HD4, GigaVUE-212, GigaVUE-FM, Palo Alto default User Name and Password

Gigamon GigaVUE default Admin password

Default Username: admin
Password : admin123A!

Root Password

User Name : root
Password : root123

If you forget the password, you can factory reset it by connecting through serial port.

Default Hyper Terminal Console Settings

115,200 Baud
8 data bits
No parity
1 stop bit
No flow con

Gigamon Factory Reset Procedure

  1. Connect the device via serial port with the following console settings (115200/8/N/1, no flow control)
  2. Reboot the device and While rebooting Hit control-C when it shows RedBoot
  3. At the RedBoot> prompt, run the following command and confirm it. RedBoot> fconfig rstrtac true
    > Update RedBoot non-volatile configuration – continue (y/n)?
  4. Press Y to confirm. Reboot again, and log in with the default root password.

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