How to reset IPFire root Password

How to Modify User Password

To change the User / Admin Password Go to the URL : https://IPofFIRE:444/cgi-bin/chpasswd.cgi

And provide the User Name, Current Password and New Password.

How to Modify User Password
How to Modify User Password

Reset IPFire Admin Password

If you forget the Admin Password, then you can login to the SSH/Shell using root password and reset it


Reset IPFire root Password

If you forget the root password, you can reset the root password by booting the device in Linux Single Mode

  1. While booting in the grub menu pressĀ  “E” button to edit the boot loader

ip fire boot kernel


2. Now Go the the kernel line and again press E Button to edit the kernel

Go to the end of the kernel line and enter the word Single (As shown below)

kernel /cmlinux-3.10.44-ipfire root=UUID=ac4d68ae-d366-4b2a-a743-753 panic=10 ro single

kernel ipfire

3. Now Press ENTER key to save the settings

4. Now press the b key to boot the device in single user mode

5. In the single user mode run the following command to change the root password


change ipfire root password

6. Now reboot the system.

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